Band Aid Plaster Pack of 100

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Bandaids Plaster Pk 50

Band Aid Plaster Pack of 100

Pack Size: 100 strips per pack

Product Size: 72 x 19mm

Product Overview:

A must have for all first aid kits, these plastic adhesive strips are idea to cover minor wounds, cuts and grazes with easy removal without opening the wound.

Key Features:

  • Plastic dressing: Plastic dressing is a wash proof sheer bandage recommended for all general applications.
  • Individually packed: A sealed paper wrapper ensures a sterile bandage, with distinct opening tabs for easy fumble-free opening.
  • Non-Stick Barrier: A non-adherent barrier, provides wound protection and
  • minimises trauma on removal.
  • Breathable: Allows wound to breath and heal. Absorbent non-woven wound pad that helps reduce skin maceration & aid in faster healing.
  • Latex Free: does not contain latex for those with allergies.

Applications and Uses:

  • Wound care: A small, narrow flexible band of plastic coated on one side with a pressure-sensitive adhesive and possibly with an absorbent pad, typically used to cover a superficial wound or fix a dressing to skin.


  • Convenient: Easy to use and dispose of, perfect for at home or on the go.
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