Glass & Window Cleaner 5L

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Glass & Perspex Cleaner

GLASS & PERSPEX CLEANER is a commercial strength glass cleaner designed specifically to be applied to Perspex, plate glass, laminated tops, mirrors and plastic coated areas. Free of ammonia and solvents which may damage Perspex materials. DO NOT MIX WITH OTHER CHEMICALS WITHOUT PRIOR CONSULTATION WITH THE MANUFACTURER. Always use product as directed. Never return any unused material to original drum. The information sourced for the preparation of this document was correct and complete at the time of writing to the best of the writers knowledge. The document represents the commitment to the company’s responsibilities surrounding the supply of this product, undertaken in good faith. This document should be taken as a safety guide for the product and its recommended uses but is in no way an absolute authority. Please consult the relevant legislation and regulations governing the use and storage of this type of product.
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