Vinyl Gloves Clear Powder Free Small Bx 100

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Gloves Vinyl Clear - Powder Free Small Box 100


Vinyl Gloves Clear Powder Free Small

Size of Gloves: Small

Quantity: 100 gloves per box, 10 boxes per carton

Glove Material:

  • Vinyl: These clear, powder-free vinyl gloves are latex-free, offering a safe alternative for individuals with latex allergies. The vinyl material ensures durability and flexibility, making them suitable for various applications.

Applications and Glove Uses:

  • Food Handling: With HACCP Australia Food Safety Certification, these gloves are perfectly suited for food processing and handling, ensuring safety and hygiene in food-related environments.
  • General Use: Ideal for a range of general tasks where hand protection is necessary, from cleaning to maintenance.

Glove Features:

  • Powder-Free: Free from powder to prevent contamination and reduce allergic reactions, especially important in sensitive settings like food preparation and healthcare.
  • Durable: At 4.5gm, these gloves are robust, providing better protection and fewer breakages than thinner alternatives.
  • Clear Visibility: The transparency of the vinyl allows for clear visibility of the hands, which is beneficial for tasks requiring precise movements.
  • Disposable: These gloves are designed for single use, ensuring cleanliness and ease of disposal after use.
  • Multi-Purpose: Versatile enough to be used across various sectors including food service, healthcare, and cleaning services.

Fit on Hand:

  • Ambidextrous: Designed to fit both left and right hands, these gloves provide flexibility and convenience for all users. Please note that the brand may vary, but the quality and standards remain consistent.
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