Pandas by Luvme Nappies Eco Bamboo Pull Ups (12-18kg) ctn 56

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Luvme Bamboo Pull Ups Walker (12-18kg) ctn 56

Nappies Luvme Bamboo Pull Ups (12-18kg) ctn 56 Luvme Eco Bamboo is naturally organic and contains no harsh chemicals that irritate the skin. Super absorbent holding up to three times it weight in water. Naturally hypo-allergenic and ideal for sensitive skin. A biodegradable product that breaks down in 2 years versus 500 years on other nappies. Made with triple strength tabs and elastic waste band and leg cuff. Super Absorbent with indicator strip. Unisex one size fits all. carton contains 4 x packs 13nappies for ctn 56.

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