My Family Lapbook Set of 5

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Author: Melissa Reve

This book series explores the many ways we feel like we belong in our families. We look at how to deal with change and conflict, and how we might best communicate with and appreciate our families. 

Are all families the same as mine? What makes a family? If my family is different, how might that affect my sense of belonging? These books explore the many types of families there are in the world from a perspective of deep appreciation. Featuring simple sentences and real photographs of diverse and inclusive families. 

Images of inclusive families are included with non-traditional families, families with different abilities, and people of different races and religions. 

The 5 books in this series are:

All Kinds of Families

Family Time

My Changing Family

Our Family Values

My Family as a Team.

Each book contains 17 pages and measures 23.5 x 23.5cm.

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