Livi Essentials 100m roll towel Ctn 16

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Paper Towel Roll Stella 0100CL Classic 1ply 100m

Livi Essentials 100m Roll Towel Ctn 16

Product Overview:

The Livi Essentials 100m Roll Towel offers a practical and long-lasting solution tailored for busy environments. This product features 100 metre rolls made from 100% virgin fibre, promoting sustainable use in various settings. Each carton includes 16 rolls, designed for high-traffic areas.

Key Features:

  • High Capacity: Each roll extends to 100 metres, with 16 rolls per carton, ensuring a substantial supply that minimizes the need for frequent replacements.
  • Quality Material: Made from 100% virgin fibre, these towels are not only strong and absorbent but also environmentally responsible with PEFC certification.
  • Size: The substantial roll size is designed for compatibility with most standard dispensers, accommodating various professional environments.
  • Environmental Accreditation: PEFC certification ensures the paper is sourced from sustainably managed forests, aligning with eco-friendly practices.


  • Restrooms: Ideal for installation in high-traffic public restrooms in educational, commercial, and corporate settings.
  • General Use: Perfect for use in kitchens, workshops, and healthcare facilities where frequent hand drying is required.


  • Sustainable: With PEFC certification, these roll towels support environmental stewardship while providing premium quality.
  • Efficient: The 100m length per roll reduces the frequency of roll changes, saving on maintenance time and costs.
  • Practical: Suitable for a wide range of dispensers, these roll towels offer versatility across different washroom and kitchen setups.
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